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One of the oldest and most famous breeds with roots going back to Sussex County in England, our speckled variety is strikingly pretty.  With mahogany base feathers, iridescent overtones of green, and white tipped plums, this flock addition is sure to impress. Large bodies and good egg production make our Speckled Sussex a well rounded addition to any home flock.

Originally from the county of Sussex in England, Speckled Sussex are among the oldest known chicken breeds. Eight colors of Sussex are produced, but only 3 are recognized by the APA – Speckled, Light, and Red. Speckled Sussex boast a beautiful and unique plumage unlike any other breed.


Males: 7.5 – 9 lbs Females: 6 – 7 lbs

Egg Production

Good: 180 – 240 eggs / year

Average Production Age

23 – 25 weeks

Egg Shell Color

Light Brown

Egg Size

Large – 2.0 oz


Active & curious, but easy going and fairly easy to manage


Cold hardy, can tolerate mildly warm climates


Decent setters



Breed Type