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  • Cedar Valley Organics Premium Black Cedar Mulch

    Cedar Valley Organics Premium Black Cedar Mulch

    Capital Forest

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    Why is Cedar Valley Mulch Superior to other Species of Mulch ?
    • Decomposes more slowly than other Mulches so it lasts longer.
    • Natural Source of Nitrogen which Promotes Healthy Plant and Root Growth
    • Naturally Insect ResistantResistant to Mold, Fungus and Artillery Spore
    • Aromatic
    Cedar Valley Mulch contains 100% ORGANIC Cedar Bark and Cedar Wood Fiber.

    Our mulch is naturally aromatic and superior to other species of mulches.Why? Because cedar mulch Is unique in that is naturally resistant to insects, mold and fungus

    Cedar Mulch decomposes more slowly than other mulches so it lasts longer. It is a natural source of nitrogen which promotes healthy plant and root growth.

    So beautify your landscape with best...Cedar Valley 100% Mulches

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