Kent Rabbit Ration 25 Lb. Rabbit Food Pellets

Kent Rabbit Ration 25 Lb. Rabbit Food Pellets


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A complete diet designed to be fed as the sole ration to 3 specific groups of rabbits. It may be fed: 1) to lactating does to encourage maximum milk production; 2) as a starting diet for young bunnies; and 3) as a new maintenance ration when offered in limited amounts through frequent feedings. May also be fed as a show ration to those breeds that will positively respond to the higher level of protein and energy. Contains organic trace minerals which improve conception rates and early embryo survival. Yucca for odor control, copper sulfate to help prevent diarrhea, and papain (papaya) to aid in the prevention and elimination of hairballs. Live yeast culture and probiotics are also included. These stimulate fiber utilization and promote a healthy digestive environment. For all stages of life, including growing, finishing, lactating, breeding, and maintenance. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein (min) 17.0%, Crude fat (min) 2.5%, Crude fiber (min) 16.0%, Crude fiber (max) 18.0%, Calcium (min) 0.7%, Calcium (max) 1.2%, Phosphorus (min) 0.6%, Salt (min) 0.3%, Salt (max) 0.8%, Vitamin A (min) 5000 IU/pound.

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