NutraLime DG


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Tune Up Your Soil: Pelletized Limestone

The Andersons pelletized products (NutraLime® DG and NutraSoft® DG) are manufactured from natural, high quality calcitic and dolomitic limestones and gypsum that are pulverized to a flour-like powder, then granulated into fertilizer-sized, moisture dissolvable granules. These products provide in-season, plant available calcium and magnesium or sulfur.

Dispersing Granule Technology

Our unique offering of pelletized limestone and gypsum products combine soil conditioning agents with our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. DG technology creates a low dust, spherical, ultra-dry particle that rapidly disperses upon contact with water, creating thousands of microparticles, resulting in improved coverage and solubility.

Why is Pelletized Limestone Better?

Pelletized limestone products are gaining popularity, but how do they compare to ag limestone? Most ag limestones are lower grade powders with poor particle size distribution, often becoming locked up and unavailable in the soil profile over time, not to mention their uneven, dusty application. The Andersons NutraLime® DG pelletized limestone is designed to be the most user-friendly pelletized limestone available, providing calcium and magnesium during the season of application to the crop. In a low cycle of commodity crop prices, or in high-value specialty agriculture, this means you do not have to wait for these nutrients to become available to your crop.


Why NutraLime DG?

NutraLime® DG pelletized limestone is micro-ground so a majority of particles pass through a 100 mesh sieve before the pelletizing process. The finer the grind, the faster and more effective the limestone. Particles passing through a 100 mesh sieve dissolve and neutralize acidity in as little as two weeks after application. Due to the increased effectiveness of the NutraLime DG particles, lower rates may be used to provide in-season calcium and magnesium.