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  • Snugarooz Knot Yours Rope Dog Toy

    Snugarooz Knot Yours Rope Dog Toy

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    Snugarooz Pet

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    Enrich your pups' playtime with this multi-textured toy, made of tightly braided cotton rope featuring two knots and a rubber center. Knot Yours makes a fun chew toy and is great for a game of fetch! Available in an assortment of 3 fun colors.

    Why We Love It

    • Tough & Durable
    • Fun chew toy
    • Tightly braided cotton rope

    About Snugarooz

    Introduced at Global Pet Expo 2018, SnugArooz is an innovative collection of interactive toys for fun-loving dogs. Every single item is designed to epitomize the official mission of the brand: “Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™” SnugArooz Plush Toys are crafted to squeak and crinkle their way into every furry heart, while SnugArooz Knotted Toys are engineered to endure exuberant tugging and chewing. All products are created from safe, non-toxic materials with durable construction throughout.

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