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  • True Utility Snaptrap Micro

    True Utility Snaptrap Micro

    True Utility

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    Attach the Snaptrap® Micro directly to your keys and connect to just about anything else. U.S. Military style secure sprung gates.

    The Snaptrap Micro has an incredible lab tested breaking strain of up to 75kg / 165lb! (That's a lot for such a tiny clip) It's made of 420 stainless steel and weighs a remarkably low 7.5g meaning you won't even know your carrying it.

    The Snaptrap Micro is a small version of our EDC Snaptrap: gate clip. It's designed for key rings and clipping anything to bags or other things. Attach this small but strong locking clip to your keys, or use it to connect just about any two things together!

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