TCF Elite 18 Show Hog

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TCF Elite Show 18 Hog is a ground feed designed for use in show pigs. Can be fed from 80 lbs.-Market weight. Features and benefits on this product include Sweet Krums - for enhanced palatability, intake, and gut stabilization. VevoVitall® - to help stabilize the gut and keep feed fresher longer. Egg proteins and Flaxseed - for enhanced muscle expression, healthier skin and hair. Whey products - for improved intake, aroma, and protein.

Optimum levels of amino acids and energy which allow the pig to express its genetic potential for growth and muscling. Complexed trace minerals for improved bioavailability essential in carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. Potassium chloride provides a source of electrolytes.

Biotin, folic acid and pyridoxine are water-soluble vitamins involved in energy and amino acid metabolism for lean tissue growth and proper skeletal development. Multiple protein sources, quality grains and synthetic amino acids are used to formulate amino acid balance required to optimize lean tissue growth and rate of gain in genetically superior lines of show pigs. Yeast sources block the colonization of pathogens allowing microflora balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Cheese whey, a quality milk protein, is used to improve palatability and pig performance. betaGRO® - A next-generation, irradiated, spray-dried plasma product derived entirely from porcine plasma. Appetein® provides a source of immunoglobulins and is an excellent source of amino acids. Micro-Aid® - an aid in the control of manure and/or ammonia Odor.

Protein (Min.) 18.0%
Fat (Min.) 4.0%
Fiber (Max) 5.0%

NutriVantage® - can help aid nutrient availability and digestion and help provide immune system support. show bloom!® for intake and feed utilization, superior skin and hair quality muscle tone and development.

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