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About Us

  Our history begins in 1947 when Marcus Dahl, the son of Danish immigrants, started a small business in the garage of his home in Montague.  After about 5 years, and having outgrown the space in his garage, Marcus decided that it was time to build a new store. A store and mill large enough that Marcus’s son Ken, recently discharged from the Navy was able to return home to become partners with his father in the fast-growing family business.  By the Spring of 1952, the construction of their new store in Montague was complete and Dahl’s Coal & Feed was open for business.

   In 1970 Ken’s son Martin joined the family business and after a few years, having passed on his knowledge to his son and grandson, Marcus decided that he was ready to retire. Ken and Marty were now partners and the company was re-named Dahl’s Farm Service.  After several decades of hard work and growth, in 1992 Ken and Marty purchased the old New Era Feed Mill and the business was renamed Tri-County Feed Service Inc. Within a year of opening, Marty’s eldest son, John began working alongside his father and grandfather.

   Just like his father, after passing on his knowledge to the next generation, Ken, in 1996, decided it was time to pass the torch. He retired, naming Marty the principal owner and shortly after that, John was named General Manager. John’s unrelenting thirst for knowledge and improvement will prove to be a very valuable asset for the company over the years.   

   In July of 2011, Martin’s second son, Gered Dahl came on board to help manage our Montague location. Gered brought with him a great deal of passion and a deeply desired love for the business. Gered will soon be the new face of our Montague location as he moves in to his father, Marty, a legend in his own’s, role.

  After years of planning and preparation, in the Spring of 2017, we broke ground for construction of a new state of the art store with a drive-through in New Era. Everybody put in long hours and a lot of work getting everything ready, but by December of that same year, we opened our doors for business.

  Being a small family business, Tri-County Feed Service Inc. has had to make a lot of changes over the years to keep up with the times. We’ve always believed that in order to be successful, we must first and foremost, take great care of our customers’ needs and wants. Always showing our customers that we value them and will do whatever it takes to earn their trust. If we can do this… everything else is easy.

Tri-County Feed Service Inc. has five very important values

  • Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Family

Once you do business with us, our values will quickly become evident in both our ownership and the actions of our employees.

Together, John and Gered are a driving force that will push our family business to the next level… ever changing, ever growing and looking to the future.

Welcome to the Tri-County Family!


Products and services include but are not limited to:

- Full Service Pet & Farm Retail Stores

- Lawn & Garden

- Pet foods *treats*toys*accessories

- Wild bird feed and accessories

- Home Delivery *Barn Delivery *Bulk Delivery *E-commerce Website *Text Ordering

- Custom Grain Mix Specialists (Dairy, Beef, Equine, Swine, Lamb, Goat and Wildlife)

- Non-GMO Feeds

- Grain Storage *marketing *drying

- Rupp Seed distributor (wheat, soybean, corn seed)-Financing available through John Deere Credit

- We handle all Grain Commodities including Walking floor, Auger, Hopper and Dump Trailer/Truck