About the Nutrena® Brand

"Nourishing animals is what we do every day. We deliver superior nutrient solutions to enhance the life, health and growth of animals. Our people harness the knowledge and energy of our parent company, Cargill, to provide innovative solutions for our customers. Enriching lives is our aspiration. Our employees and partners use the resources we have available to enhance their communities. Successfully nourishing animals enables us to enrich lives where we work and live.” - Joe Stone, President, Cargill Animal Nutrition

Nourishing Animals the Nutrena Way

We focus on nutrients, not just ingredients. Our proprietary technology allows us to deliver optimal nutritional value and consistency in every bag of feed we produce. Learn more about Nutrena's formulation.

Optimum Nutrition

We know it takes optimum nutrition to help animals develop properly, stay healthy and achieve peak performance. That’s why our products are formulated to provide the right balance of nutrients right when the animal needs it most.

Unmatched Innovation

Our Innovation Center is second to none. More than 100 employees on our 900+ acre facility conduct over 70 research projects each year.

World-Class Research

We are unique in our disciplined, scientific approach to animal nutrition. Our expert team of scientists includes more than 25 PhDs from all over the world focused on one thing: using sound science to create superior nutritional solutions.