Ideal Northern Edge Brassica Plus

Ideal Northern Edge Brassica Plus

Ideal Northern Edge

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Ideal Northern Edge Brassica Plus + has been designed with 9 Premier components to assure high quality forage availability all the way through the fall growing season.

The nine components that make up this mix have been selected for not only attracting deer and other wildlife, but for holding them in the area whole providing a high quality, diverse forage late into the fall.

Northern Edge Brassica plus + mix is adapted to a wide range of soil and environmental conditions and will provide quick, easy establishment followed by rapid growth.

2.5 #s per 1/4 acre

10# per 1 acre

12.45%-  Sugar Beet

9.19% Rutabaga

9.18%- Kale

9.15%- Radish

7.93%- Rape

7.89%- Forage Collard

4.58%- Purple Top Turnip

4.57%- Seven Top Turnip

.64%- Carrot

.05%- Other Crop

34.30%- Inert Matter (includes Coating Material)


Optimum Planting Dates-July 1st-September 10th 



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