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Getting the most out of two great breeds! As a cross between the Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red, this hybrid breed ends up with excellent egg production and large body size. Great for any flock!

Black Sex Links are a cross between two of the best heritage breeds – Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. The outcome is a very high egg production that can reach up to 300 eggs per year depending on the quality of care and feed as well as having a plump body. They are sexed as chicks by the difference in coloring and as mature birds, the hens will be black with red neck feathers and the roosters will look like a Barred Rock rooster. Great, dependable birds for your flock!


Males – 8lbs, Females – 6lbs

Egg Production

300 eggs annually


20 weeks

Egg Type

Large brown eggs


Preferred for free-range

Breed Info

AKA: Rock Reds, and Black Stars

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